International Collaborations

APJ ERIC focuses on developing innovative solutions in oral health education, research and service to address the challenges associated with them through global collaborations. We foster pioneering collaborations with organisations and institutions around the world. We work with businesses, universities, policy makers and more to bring the benefits of our expertise to industry and society.

The primary focus is to undertake cutting-edge research and develop strategies to address the significant unmet needs of the marginal communities. Research programs are targeted to facilitate improved oral health in communities across the country.

Key works include oral health policy and strategy, healthcare accessibility, workforce training, skills mix, education, innovation and research in preventive and curative care in dentistry.


Oral health promotion, Tobacco abuse prevention, Oral pre-cancer/cancer prevention, Integration with Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) and Research.


Few of the key projects include FDI World Dental Conference 2014, New Delhi, Oral Health Observatory Study.

IDA - University of Dundee, UK

We have joined hands to conduct a Health Coaching Training for Indian Dentists to create expertise in managing systemic diseases by integration oral health changes in post-pandemic patients.

IDA - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Collaborated to conductcommunity oral screenings (>10,000) at Kumbh Mela in Nashik in 2015. Objectives of the project were to assess the challenges and opportunities of conducting screenings at the Mass Gathering (MG) of Kumbh Mela for early identification and referral of pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions and conditions in Indian population.

IDA - Harvard Univerity, USA

In 2015, at the world's largest mass gathering, the 35-day Kumbh Mela in Nashik a collaborative project was performed with the prestigious Harvard University to map tobacco use among people visiting the event. In accordance with the government, IDA offered basic primary care to the estimated 10 million visiting pilgrims. The study was published and provided useful insights in the rising trends of diseases among the public.

National Collaborations

Indian Dental Association (IDA) partners with many organizations and individuals who are pioneers in the fields of dental research, development, decision making, public health and management and overall development of the country.

IDA is committed to improve patient care through education and research as we work directly with product manufacturers, opening a dialogue of thoughts, ideas and solutions to provide the dental community and their patients with the best a profession can offer. We aim that our plethora of publications should reach every Internet user or reader of dentistry.


APJ ERIC aims to maintain mutually productive relationships with diverse research groupsand industry sponsors. Our centralized clinical, financial and regulatory services facilitate the timely execution of clinical trials.

Our strong partnership with the marketing department helps to ensure community awareness. Our comprehensive and centralized standard operating procedures helps in conduction of a consistent and compliant research across the oral health system.

Cross-Departmental and Interdisciplinary

APJ ERIC works with different teams, disciplines and backgrounds, whether within the same organizations or externally. Opinions from various points of view help eliminate bias and widen perspectives, further allowing idea generation that help to understand the oral healthcare ecosystem. This ultimately brings a host of benefits to both the teams and the members involved.


We focus on community-based collaboration at the grass-roots level or in urban areas, involving healthcare staff, beneficiaries, and gram-panchayats, in order to execute oral healthcare activities and raise oral health awareness. This engagement concentrates on exchanging ideas with people from various backgrounds in order to improve communication and aids in improving oral health.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

As the private sector provides the majority of oral health care services in the country, Public-Private Partnerships are one of the distinctive contributions that help to establish a framework that addresses disparities in healthcare delivery and access to care in communities across the country.

These collaborations bring together political, economic, and social factors to promote awareness of a population's oral health issues and to inspire public awareness.

Effective PPP are based on a system of shared values, purpose, and accountability. When it comes to eliminating oral health inequities, the combined and complementary talents of public health agencies and private industry are critical.