Dental Entrepreneurship and Innovations Program

The Dental Entrepreneurship and Innovations programme provides world-class training in disruptive dentistry thinking. This curriculum encourages creative thinking while also providing information on conceptualization of design, business model canvas, and start-up methods. It is a 10-week introductoryprogramme for anyone interested in dental innovations and entrepreneurship which is offered both in online and offline mode.

Fellowship in Clinical Research

This is a one-year curriculum aimed to teach aspiring scientists what they need to know about clinical research. APJ ERIC’s exclusive fellowship programme cultivates and encourage experts to seek, develop, and document their game-changing ideas. The ultimate goal is to develop individual’s research capability. Our state-of-the-art educational facility and highly skilled lecturers will not just enrich your entire learning experience but also provide the opportunity to pursue a multitude of research options.

Certificate Program for Research Center

This is a short-term programme aimed to help dental clinics broaden their research horizons and convert the dental clinics into an IDA-approved ResearchCenter. The program overviews the importance of Research in Dental and Medical Care by providing different types of research opportunities to clinics and developing standard protocols. The course develops expertise in clinical setup standards, ethics and leadership skills. If you believe your clinic can grow and perform high quality research work to modernize and improve dental health then this course is meant for you.

Practice Based Research (PBR)

PBR is undertaken in order to gain new knowledge partly by means of practice and the outcomes of that practice. Claims of originality and contribution to knowledge may be demonstrated through creative outcomes which may include artefacts such as research studies, images, designs, models, digital media or other outcomes such as performances and exhibitions whilst the significance and context of the claims are described in words, a full understanding can only be obtained with direct reference to those outcomes. PBR involves conducting studies in one’s own practices in research contexts that relies on a transformative approach within an iterative design structure.