Current Projects

Clinical impact trials for IDA seal

IDA Seal of Acceptance is a symbol of Safety and Efficacy of the dental products that are of benefit to the oral health of consumers. The Seal is designed to help the public and dental professionals make informed choices. The IDA Seal helps people in differentiating and selecting the best available products from all the products dispensed in the market. It also helps the dentists to recommend the best products to their patients from the wide range out there.

Our commitment to quality assurance extends beyond traditional laboratory testing. By integrating clinical trials into our quality check process, we ensure that our products not only meet established standards in controlled settings but also demonstrate their effectiveness and safety profiles in diverse and dynamic clinical environments.

Currently, at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Education, Research and Incubation Center, we are all set to initiate multicentric clinical trials to evaluate effectiveness and acceptability of two different commercially available toothpastes in India. This collaborative approach allows for a more diverse representative study population and enhances the generalizability of results.

The following Products can be applied for IDA Seal of Acceptance:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Dental Floss
  • Electronic Toothbrush
  • Mouthwash
  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • Denture adhesives and cleansers
  • Teeth whitening products
  • White strips and other bleaching products
  • Dental pain relief products
  • Sports Mouth guard
  • Dental materials and equipment for treatment & prevention
  • Nicotine gum

3D Scaffold Matrix - A Class C medical device bone void filler as a bone graft substitute in Implant Dentistry

  • Type of Project : Clinical Trial
  • Collaborator : EffecMed Pvt Ltd

Upscaling Whole Mouth Health Advocacy and Capacity-Building Project Based on Vision 2030 for Sugar Control in India: Supported by FDI's World Dental Development Fund (WDDF)

This project aimed to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of sugar and promote capacity building among dental colleges to address the issue of increased sugar consumption. It encompassed the following components:
Webinar Series: Offering valuable research insights and discussions on oral health and sugar control advocacy in India.

Survey Initiative: To explore the role of Dental Colleges' Deans and Faculties in creating Sugar-free Dental College Campuses.

Engagement Activities: Set of interactive activities, including poster & slogan contests, to encourage sugar-free campus implementation and detailed reporting from colleges.

FDI World Dental Federation and IDA - Oral Health Observatory Study

Oral diseases affect half of the world’s population (3.58 billion people), making them the most common noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) globally. Dental caries (tooth decay) in the permanent teeth is the most prevalent oral disease, with an estimated 2.4 billion people affected.

The Oral Health Observatory (OHO) was launched in 2014 to generate standardized data on oral health. As a nationally recognized body, IDA was identified to carry out the survey in India.

About 75 dentists were recruited that used the OHO App to fill the online questionnaires collecting data from patients and dentists. The questions recorded oral health behaviours, healthcare needs, and the impact of oral health on quality of life.

The data collected helped in oral health advocacy, service planning, developing strategies to improve preventive care delivery, health promotion in different groups and comparing oral health status between different countries.

This FDI-IDA project funded by Haleon has entered its second phase of India Chapter after completing the pilot project and submitting the advocacy report post workshop in Mumbai.

IDA's SurveyHub

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) Survey Hub is a catalyst for improving the nation’s overall health and well-being, by gathering data on beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors through surveys. The hub taps on the strengths of different survey designs that are comparable internationally to create a sound basis for generating evidence. The Hub focuses on the current national oral health status while encouraging everyone, especially the nation’s key stakeholders, to work towards effectively addressing the oral health burden in India. This comprises 2 components – Survey Poll and Multicentric survey questionnaires. The survey poll results are regularly published in every issue of IDA times and the survey outcomes are published in Journal of Indian Dental Association.

Past Projects

FDI World Dental Federation and IDA – Whole Mouth Health Project

The FDI jointly with the Indian Dental Association conducted an Advocacy and Capacity Building Workshop as part of the Whole Mouth Health project. A key stakeholders roundtable was conducted to discuss the oral health strategies by different organisations and FDI Vision 2030 goals for further action plan. The theme the 2-Days workshop was: ‘Sugar and tobacco: TWO risk factors, TOO many diseases.’

Dental Amalgam Phasing Down Workshop

On 11th February 2023, IDA organized the 'Dental Amalgam Phasing Down Workshop' which witnessed the participation of delegates from the dental, healthcare, and environment sectors.

The key objectives were:

  • To highlight details of the Minamata Convention on Mercury
  • Understand and upgrade the existing policies and regulations on Dental Amalgam use
  • Outline the health and environmental impacts of Dental Amalgam
  • Formulate a white paper to address future action plans for the use of dental amalgam in dentistry

An immediate outcome of the workshop was the release of a Declaration document on Dental Amalgam Phasing Out. This document was supported by all major stakeholders in the workshop post a panel discussion.

National School Oral Health Workshop

On 12th February 2023, IDA organized the National School Oral Health Workshop which witnessed the participation of delegates from the dental, healthcare, and environment sectors.

Key Objectives were :

  • To launch National Oral Health Guide codesigned with FSSAI
  • Formulation and adoption of National School Oral Health Policy
  • Highlight importance of Children Oral Health in School
  • Train school staff to manage dental trauma and emergencies.

An immediate outcome of the workshop was to formulate and adopt a National School Oral Health Policy in India. This document was supported by all major stakeholders in the workshop post a panel discussion.

National Collaborative Workshop on "Future of Dentistry in India"

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) hosted a National Collaborative Workshop at its Mumbai Head Office on June 9th, 2023. This workshop aimed to unite dental professionals and key stakeholders to collectively address challenges and identify opportunities, shaping the future of dentistry in India.

Focus Areas for Collaboration:

The workshop targets collaboration with entities such as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Dental Council of India, Dental Colleges, IDA State branches, Specialty Dental Associations, State Health Ministries, and Public-Private Partnerships.

Current Scenario and Objectives:

Acknowledging challenges in oral healthcare, the workshop seeks to foster collaboration, establish best practices, and create a roadmap for dentistry's future.

Workshop Theme:

Scheduled under the theme "Future of Dentistry in India - Challenges and Opportunities," the event on June 9th invited open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.

Key Stakeholder Participation:

Crucial to success was the active involvement of representatives from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dental Council of India, Specialty Dental Associations, and IDA State Branch leaders.


The workshop aimed to overcome challenges, promote growth, and lay a structured foundation for the future of dentistry in India, aligning with the visions of key stakeholders.

In collaboration with Specialty Dental Associations, IDA seeks to extend the impact of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Dental Council of India, contributing to the advancement of oral healthcare.

Together, through this collaborative effort, we aspire to set the stage for a prosperous and structured future for dentistry in India.

IDA-WHO Oral Health and Tobacco Control in the South-East Asia Region

The Indian Dental Association and the World Health Organization signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in December 2020. The two main areas of focus under this MOU were Oral Health and Tobacco Control.

The partnership's major accomplishments include:

  • “No Spitting Pledge” taken by a total of 7341 (6364 by general public + 977 by Special Olympics athletes)to quit tobacco spitting.
  • Virtual awareness sessions on topics such as ‘Oral Health & Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors’, ‘Tobacco- Not Cool’, ‘I can! I will! I must’,with a total reach of over 6000 people.
  • E-poster and E-slogan competitions on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day with participation from over 1500 dental students and NSS students.
  • Virtual training to Primary Health Workers to integrate Oral Health in the existing Primary Health Care system.
  • Provided free Nicotine Replacement Therapy to patients
  • Tobacco Cessation Counselling to patients
  • Phase 3 hands-on training on Integration of Oral Health in the existing Primary Health care system.

FDI World Dental Federation’s Post Pandemic Health Coaching Project

Virtual heath coaching for IDA Members together with FDI World Dental Federation, University of Dundee and Queen Mary University.

  • The program was designed for practicing dentists to gain knowledge about oral systemic diseases and management of post-pandemic impacts for patients andthemselves.
  • Dentists were briefly trained to integrate non-communicable disease (NCD) adviceto patients in their practices using the Health Coaching approach.
  • Development of self-management and practical skillsfor different stress-management in the clinic along with bettering their communicationskills.
  • Health Coaching (HC) is an expertise that can be conferred via an accredited HealthCoach. The Programme trains to become Master Coaches and the gained skill canthen be transferred to other dental professionals.
  • The Health Promotion skills learned were transferred to the communities andindividuals with global implications for oral disease prevention and noncommunicablediseases (NCD).

PoroSyn, A synthetic bone graft Randomised Control Trial

Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of PoroSyn, A synthetic bone graft in alveolar ridge augmentation- A single centre, open label, randomised, comparative pilot study.

BRIX-3000 Randomised Control Trial

Evaluation of the efficacy of chemo-mechanical method of caries removal using BRIX-3000 compared to conventional excavation with burs - A Randomised Controlled Trial

The study involved a split mouth design with Bilateral class 1 carious lesion. One side involved treatment with BRIX-3000 and other side with traditional caries removal method with burs. Time required for each side was recorded using a stopwatch and pain / discomfort perceived was recorded using Heft-Parker visual analogue scale.

Cancer Out Campaign, Rajasthan

IDA conducted Oral Cancer Screening camp across Rajasthan under the ‘Cancer Out Campaign’ in collaboration with Rajasthan Royal Cricket team of IPL, Rajasthan Government and TATA Trust. In multisector oral health screening camps, a total of 66108 people were screened and made aware about the oral health. Out of the total, 3681 people were detected with oral precancerous conditions while 46 confirmed cases were detected which were directed further for treatment in cancer hospitals.