Our Incubation sections provide start-ups and early-stage businesses with the support and resources for young companies, be it in the idea, prototype or business phase.

The support we provide:

We work closely with Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme, enabling deserving Start-ups to raise funds through governmental and external agencies/sources.

Incubation Process

Stage 1: Pre-incubation

The pre-incubation stage focuses mostly on two parameters: Ideation and Research & Development. APJ ERIC can help healthcare experts/ companies/ industries with potentially unique ideas to conduct full-scale research on healthcare subject or product. During this time, the entrepreneur along with the mentor team adopts responsibility for transforming the concept into a proof orconcept. This helps in understanding the technical viability of the proposed proposal. The incubates can move to Incubation Stage once a marketable technology/product idea has been developed.

Stage 2: Incubation

After identifying a viable idea, the company nurtures product or services, enabling it to become a successful business venture. We assist start-ups in overcoming the challenges and speed their journey from idea to market by offering a supporting atmosphere, physical infrastructure, mentorship, networking, operational support, and validation.

Stage 3: Accelerator

The focus of the accelerator stage will be on rapid growth and resolving all organisational, operational, and strategic challenges that the entrepreneur may face. APJ ERIC takes a methodical approach to achieving and establishing the product or innovation's long-term goals.


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